History and Literature Senior II
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Damasia Maffi
6/11/2010 05:14:19 am

John Clare was partly mentally ill. Clare went to a mental assylem because he was mentally ill, but he was enough mentally sane for accepting that his first love was not posible.

Maria Paula Tear
6/11/2010 05:57:03 am

John Clare was almost fully mentally ill. He went to a mental assylum and there he wrote some poetry, which most historians think is the best poetry he had ever wrote. He went to this assylum because as his first love did not want him. Finally he had to accept that she did not love him, but he was also sad.

Lucila Lafuente
6/11/2010 06:06:02 am

John Clare was partly mentally ill. he was a man that had sicholgical problems. and had same mental problems. but in my opinion , what he wanted to do with his mental illness was to avoid thinking in that impossible love that made him "mentally ill". He probably had some problems, but he knew some things, for example that his first , perfect and unique love was impossible.

Luisa Flores Piran
6/11/2010 06:39:21 am

in my opinion Jhon Clare was partly mentally ill,because as he was mentally ill he was sent to a mental assylem,I think he had this illnes because of this love who was imposible,he didn't accept this.then he left the assylem and when he accepted the women he was in love with would never be with him,he went by himself to the assylem again.so I think that when he went back to the assylum it was because he was no ill anymore.

Lucas Guglielmone
6/11/2010 06:51:56 am

I dont think this is an illness, i think is strong situation that he is passing through and no one can help him to avoid or forget about this horrible situation. If he had someone that help him, but not someone from an asylumm , someone from his family he can overcome this feelings.

but however, answering the question, I think he is fully ill because he tried almost all thing he could try to recover and he couldnt.

Pilar Olaizola
6/11/2010 09:25:50 am

I think John Clare was very ill but not all, he was in love with a woman but he knew this woman was not the correct love for him, so he wasn't very mad because he could think, and he knew that he had some problems so he went to a mental assylum so in fact he wasn't very mad because he was very intelligent to go to an assylum and forget this love he had.

Guido Ciccone
6/12/2010 03:30:15 am

John Clare was partly mentally ill. He wrote that poem because he was in love. But then he went to the mental assylum because he was mentally ill. Then he forgot the love that he had had.

Olivia Arcuri
6/12/2010 05:26:44 am

I think that Jonh Clare was fully mentally ill. His first love was an impossible love, he was very upset and it was very hard for him to realize and accept that they would never be together. As a consequence of this he began to become mentally ill. He was sent to a mental asylum, where he would write the best poetry.

Ivan Stankiewich
6/13/2010 07:03:40 am

I think John Clare was partly mentally ill. At first, it seemed to be good mentally, but when the poem continous, he turned mentally ill. He turned mentally ill becuase of an imposible love the he had.
In conclucion, that's why he was mentally ill

Violeta Balbiani
6/13/2010 10:05:32 am

In my opinion, John Clare was not mentally ill, he only was in love. In some way he could be obsessed with the women, because she was his first love, his only love. But this not meant that he was mad, later on he returned a little crazy because he was depressed, his heart was broken. At the end he could realize that it was an incorrect love, and he gave up. And finally for me, he was madly in love with this women not crazied or mad.

Greta Matienzo
6/13/2010 10:26:59 am

For me John Clare was partly mentally ill, because he was in love with a woman, who was his first love. He got a bit crasy because they could not be together, so he got depressed and a bit mad, so there it was when he was swnd to an asylum and wrote some poems. Finally, he accepted that the woman he was in love was not for him.

Ramiro Bergoglio
6/13/2010 11:38:50 am

John Clare was partly mentally ill.
He had mental issues because of his failure at love and life. He suffered personality disorders and he went twice to two different asylums.
Even though he was ill, he knew it. After walking from his first asylum to the house were the "woman he loved" lived, he realized he had mental problems ( the woman was not alive ) and decided to go to his second asylum.

Rodrigo Paz
6/13/2010 11:46:35 am

In my opinion, John Clare was partly mentally ill, because he was in love with a woman but he realised they couldn't be together, so he get mad and depressed. He went to an assylum, he was mad an angry, but then he accepted it was an impossible love.

Agustina Subira
6/14/2010 03:09:14 am

In my opinion John Clare was fully mentally ill, because he loved a lot thtat girl, and they coludn´t be together. So this affected him mentally and physically also. And he end up in a psychiastrict.

Tomas Lucas
6/14/2010 04:43:15 am

In my opinion, John Clare was partly mentally ill, what he was, was fully in love; he was once on a mental asylum, and got out of there to seek for his love, and failed, so he accepted it and went back to the asylum.

santi roldan
6/14/2010 08:21:18 am

John clare was not fully mentally ill , he was sent to a mental assylum because he ended up disturbed after his failure in his first love, she, eventhoug he couldn`t realize lived another reality. (they could not be toghether)he was let free and then he got back to a mental assylum.

Isabella Carneiro
6/22/2010 07:01:43 am

In my opinion, Clare wasn't that ill, because he made an important and healthy decision which was to intern himself in a asylum. Perhaps, he became a little bit mental ill when he realised that the woman who he loved so much would never become his lover, or someone similar to that.

6/25/2010 09:52:56 am

jhon clare was in some way mentally ill, because he went to an asylum. But y don´t think that he was so ill, because he went there by his own, he could think on what was the best for him. There´s something else that makes me think that he wasn´t mentally ill, when he was at the asylum he wrote his bests poems, and in my opinion that is almost imposible to achieve if you are in such situation.
But there´s something in his life that makes me think he was mentaly ill,that it is that he had been thinking of his imposible love for a very long time and he has never been with another woman ever after.it´s not normal to think for such a long time in a person whow you know you can´t be with.


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