History and Literature Senior II

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santi roldan
5/8/2010 01:32:47 am

santi roldan
5/8/2010 01:34:15 am

pato this what what I understood from the video.In 1920, USA , there was an economic boom.
this where the people which the economic boom helped:
• Ford and its industries.
• Book authors, poets and fingers which had recorded a record.
• Drink factories such as coca-cola.
• Fashion was very important and also seen as a job.
• Jazz becomed very popular and succesful.
• Black musicians becomed famous by jazz.
• Chaplin`s popularity continued.
• Market for accesories succeded.
• Films started to have voices (of actors).
• Garbo became a global known star.
• Hollywood got boom also.
• Factory methods changed and made things cheaper
• Scott Fitzgerald bumper sales.
Althoug this good things where hapening , there where people suffering such as Black people who where been hunted as animals by the Ku Klux Klan.

Santi Roldàn

Pilar Olaizola Agustina Subirá
5/8/2010 12:24:05 pm

The most important things that happened in the 1920s in USA were,in our opinion:
Musical Revolution: Jazz age, breaktrough of black musicians.
Flapper Movement
Fashion became an important businnes
Development of films
Artists and musicians became household
Literature benefits
Amercian dream(illegaly migration)
Factories succed
Klu Klux clan became very popular in the south of USA.

María Paula Tear
5/9/2010 04:53:51 am

The most important things that happened in the USA were, in my opinion:

Culture: Jazz musical revolution-it was a breakthrough for black musicians.
There was the Flapper movement-fashion became a big bussiness.
Talking Films-Chaplin became more famous
-Garbo becomes a very big star.
-Hollywood: massive boom.
Record sales increase.
Literarure benefits-Fitzgerald very important literary figure.

Society:Ku Klux Klan's popularity increases in the south.
There was a big gap between black and white people -Difference in their lifestyle.
-Attacks against black people.
-Black people were very badly treated and very often killed, by hunging. Lynching.

Inventions and Tecnology: Telephone and Telegraph invented.
New factory methods.

Politics: Theodore N. Vail became president.
The American Dream (illegally migration).
Migrations incrased.

Olivia Arcuri
5/9/2010 05:59:27 am

The most important things of the 1920's:


The Jazz Age:
-Musical revolution
-Breakthrough for black musicians
-The Flapper movement
-Fashion becomes big business
-Market for accesories
-Factories become more successful (such as Ford)
-Development of films
-Talking films
-Chaplin and Garbo become famous stars
-Massive Hollywood boom
-Radios make musicians and actors become
household names
-Records increase sales
-Literature benefits
-Massive Hollywood boom

-Factories create new methods and become more successful
-Invention of the telephone and the telegraph

-Massive migration to America (American Dream = illegal migration)
- The president at that time was Theodore N. Vail

-The Ku Klux Klan was formed and had great support in the south
-No equality for black people (they were also being killed, attacked, murdered, etc.)

Lucila Lafuente
5/10/2010 05:27:08 am

I can say that in this video , I saw , that where some aspects of USA that were changing , but I think that the one that was changing the most was culture:
people started to be interested in things , like artist famous people , music , art , entreteinment ,fashion , things that now are very common but long time ago , people didn't have time to thought in this things, they had only time , to work , cook , and basic aspects of their lifes,
Another aspect that was changing a los was : science , and technology , the population started to think about ways of doing easily, common things, like new methods oin factories, and also in communication: the telephone and the telegraph appeared.
But there was one thing that was veryy bad in USA , RACISM. Colour people were being separated , killed , there where no equality to white and black people.

Gretu Matienzo
5/10/2010 09:15:53 am

The most important in USA in 1920´s, in my opinion, was:
-musical revolution, breaktrough for blacks musicians
-fashion became a big business
-the market for accessories boom
-Chaplin popularity continous the same
-Garbo becames a worldwide star
-Holiwood, masive boom
-Actors and musicians became household names because of the radio.
-records sales increase.
-literature benefits, fitzgerald bumper sales.
New inventions:
-Factory methods succed, like Ford factory
-Telephone and telegraph
-Ku Klux Clan very popular in the south of USA.
-No respect for black people, only for white people.
-White people killed and attack black people.
-Migrations to America
-New president, called Theodore N. Vail.

Lucas Guglielmone
5/10/2010 09:41:08 am

Importants events in U.S.A:

- growing of culture like fashion, cinema, theaters, radios, music, painting. Music was one of the more important ones. even it had a revolution.

- Social changes like ilegal migration adn the ku klux klan (they were agaiunst black peolple, so black population decreased).

- Science changes like new technology and better factory production.

Luisa Flores Piran
5/10/2010 09:52:45 am

During the 1920s the USA went through many changes in every aspect: arts,music,economy,politics and society.

ºthe jazz age,a musical revolution.
ºthis was an opportunity for black musitians
ºthe flapper movement
ºfashon becomes a business
ºhollywood booms
ºtalking films begin
ºchaplin is still popular
ºhollywood movie stars appear
ºradios are unexpesive and listened to at home
ºliterature grows in sales(scott fitzgerald)

ºford factory succedes
ºAmerican dream: people migrate to america because they believe in the images shown by the media
ºthe president was Theodore N. Vail

ºku klux klan is very popular in the south
ºthere is no equality for black people
ºblacks are attacked,killed and lynshed by mobs.

Violeta Balbiani
5/10/2010 10:07:01 am

The most important things of 1920s in USA were:

-The age of Jazz; musical revolution
-Breakthrough for black musicians
-The Flapper movement
-Fashion becomes big business
-Market for accesories booms
-Development of films
-Talking films
-Chaplin and Garbo become famous stars
-Massive Hollywood boom
-Radios make musicians and actors become household names
-Records increase sales
-Literature benefits
-Massive Hollywood boom

-Factories create new methods
-The invention of the telephone and the telegraph
-Massive migration to America
- The president was Theodore N. Vail
-The Ku Klux Klan was formed and had great support in the south
-No equality for black people

tatiana duncan
5/10/2010 10:35:03 am

The United States in the 1920’s
Important things of the time:
• Jazz revolution
• Actors an actresses started to be known in the worldwide
• Writers became known
• Immigration
• People were happy with their jobs
• A lot of discrimination to black people (they were even killed hanged or burnt)
• Fashion becomes a big business
• Increased the market of accessories
• Development of the filming
• Prices of electronic things became lower
• Business increased
• Lots of food production
• Development on transport

Eugenio Serra
5/10/2010 10:49:48 am

This is what i understood :During the 1920s in USA was an iconomic and cultural boom-

.cultural boom: Jazz became very famus this created a breakthrough for black people/literature gets benefited/Hollywood boom-films have voices and music/ etc...

.economic:Factories create new methods of producting like the production line merhod/ invention of the telephone and the telegraph/ fashion becomes a big business/ etc...

Micaela Cardalda
5/10/2010 10:59:07 am

The most important changes and events in the USA during the 1920s were:
-musical revolution: jazz ages
-the flapper movement
-fashion became a big business
-chaplin popularity
-the hollywood masive boom
-factory methods made radios affordable
-record sales increased
-literature benefits
-the american dream
-migration to america continued
-ford factory methods succeded
-blacks people were attacked by mobs
-lynching of black people

Isabella Carneiro
5/10/2010 11:39:29 am

It was the Jazz age: Breakthrough for black musicians
Fashion became an important and big business
Records sales increased
Radio became more affordable because of factory methods
Migration to America kept the same
Black People were attacked by mobs and their neck were tied on threes
Ford succeeded

Alejo Zubizarreta
5/11/2010 08:34:36 am

The Cultural revolution ( Arts, Music, Movies, Hollywood Boom, etc)

There was a lot of discrimination towards immigrants, specially the black people; a group was formed who targeted blacks and others named the klu klux klan

The flapper Movement

Production of new things, cars, roads, radios (better business)

Ivan Stankiewich
5/18/2010 12:15:35 am

- Jazz Age(musical Revolution)
- Fashion bug business
- Markets of accesories boomed
- Hollywood a massive boomm
- record sales increast
- migration continous
- Creation of telephone and telegraph
- Creation of cars
- KKK(Ku Kux Klan)


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