History and Literature Senior II
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Pilar Olaizola Agustina Subirá
5/8/2010 11:57:29 am

Hindenburg was the President of Germany at that moment, and Hitler asked him to have the post of chancellor, but Hinderburg refused because he thought Hitler was very extremist and he was suspicious of Hitler because he thought that when he became chancellor he would have all the power and make everything he wanted with the country.
Finally he elected Hitler because he knew Hitler had the supportof the Reichstag and he could control de communists. Besides they were confident that they could limit Hitler's influence and resist his extremists demands.

María Paula Tear
5/9/2010 03:53:27 am

At first, Hitler asked Hiddenburg for the post of Chancellor, but Hiddenburg refused as he was suspicious of Hitler. But then Von Papen had no support and the Weimar system was not working, so as Hiddenburg wanted to rescue the democratic system he needed a Chancellor who actually had support in the Reichstag, that was Hitler. In 1933, Hiddenburg, Von Papen and some aristocrats agreed to give the post of Chancellor to Hitler. They thought they could control Hitler and his ideas but they were wrong. Hiddenburg saw Hitler as a man with a lot of support of the people, but as he was an extremist it would be harder to control his ideas.

Olivia Arcuri
5/9/2010 04:31:51 am

At first, when hitler asked him to become Chancellor, Hindenburg was very suspicious of him and his ideas, so he decided not to appoint him as Chancellor; but later on, Hindenburg realized that he would not be able to rule the country under democaracy without a Congress (Reichstag) that supported him. The biggest single party in the Reichstag was the Nazis (and their leader was Hitler), so Hindenburg met secretly with Von Papen (Hindenburg's adviser), and other aristocrats to make a plan to vote for Hitler as Chancellor. And this was not because they thought that he was a good politician, but because Hitler had the Reichstag's support. They all believed that they would be able to control Hitler's extremist ideas, but they were wrong.

Lucila Lafuente
5/10/2010 05:19:58 am

Hindenberg knew that Hitler was an excellent politician and also knew that he had an excellent quality, he gave excellent speeches . and when he named Hitler chancellor Hitler was in an excellent position, he had a los of support from the population and also from the Reichstag, that was what hindenberg needed, support, and he chose the indicated man. But Hindernberg and von Papen thought that they would be able to control him , but they were wrong.

Tomas Lucas
5/10/2010 06:21:59 am

Hindenburg thought(pensó) he could control Hitler while having von Papen as a Vice Chancellor, he put Hitler in charge after a meeting with aristocrats for him to get support in the Reichstag and to control de Communists, he thought Hitler was a great politician

Isabella Carneiro
5/10/2010 07:48:00 am

Hindeburg knew that Hitler was an excellet politician and also a carismatic person, however, he didn't trust him. Then he realised that to rule the country democraticaly he would need Hitler,
because he was the one who had Reichstag's support.
So that was when Von Pape and he decided to choose Hitler as chancellor, they thought that they could control him, but they were definitly wrong, that was their biggest mistake.

Lucas Guglielmone
5/10/2010 09:07:21 am

Hitler was a good speaker. He made good speeches so Hindenburg and Von Papen chose Hitler as chancellor. They didn't trust him but howecer they help him to be chancellor. Finally Hitler took the power and Hindenburg and Von Papen could not control him

Luisa Flores Piran
5/10/2010 09:15:48 am

Hindenburg needed Hitler`s support, that is the reason why he asked him to be his Chancellor, but deep inside he didn`t really trust Hitler nor his extremist ideas. Hidenburg`s desire was to rule the country, something he soon realized he couldn`t achieve without the Reichstag`s support. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi, the most important party in the Reichstag (congress).

Violeta Balbiani
5/10/2010 09:37:42 am

In 1933 Hidenburg was the president. When Hitler asked him the post of Chancellor, he was suspicious of him and he refused to appoint Hitler as a chancellor. He wanted Von papen as the post of chancellor.
The Weimar system was not working, so he rescue to the democratic system but he needed the Reichstag, in the end he needed Hitler's support. Hidenburg and Von papen met secretly with some aristrocts, they offered Hitler the post of chacellor because they were sure that they could control Hitler. But all were very wrong.

Damasia Maffi
5/10/2010 11:28:40 am

At first, Hidenburg denied Hitler to become the chancellor because he didn't trust him, he was suspicious of Hitler. However Hitler became chancellor because he had the support of some German aristocrats. Hidenburg and Von Papen thought they would be able to control Hitler's demands, but they were wrong.

Ivan Stankiewich
5/10/2010 12:02:05 pm

At First, Hitler asked Hindenburg to become Chancellor; he saw Hitler suspicious and he refused. He put another person to be Chancellor, in little time he was a disaster so Hitler saw the opportunity to ask him again, but Hindenburg refused again. He decided another man of his confidence, but in a month he failed like the last one. In 1933 Hindenburg and the first Chancellor offered Hitler to post for Chancellor. They did this because, with only a few Nazis in the Cabinet and Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor, they were confident that they could limit Hitler’s influence and resist his extremist demands.

Alejo Zubizarreta
5/11/2010 08:25:10 am

When Hitler demanded Hinderberg to be chancellor, Hinderberg declined because he was very doubtful of Hitler and thought the job was to big for him; But then later gave him the position because the Weimar republic was in trouble and Von Schleicher was forced to resign.

Victoria Nielsen
5/11/2010 09:57:07 am

President Hindenburg did not like Hitler at all but he needed his support in the Reichstag (Parliament) and he thought he could easily control him. On January 30th, 1933, Hindenburg offered Hitler the post of Chancellor.

santi roldan
5/11/2010 11:07:31 am

at first hitler was not accepted as a chancellor because hindernburg did not trusted him. he thought that he could control hitler and let him be chancellor but soon he realized that hitler was unstopable.

Guido Ciccone
5/13/2010 07:44:06 am

Hinderberg asked Hitler to become Chancellor. What did he think of Hitler?

Hinderberg thought that hitler was very intelligent, a great speaker,he gave great speches and have many contacts. You can see when Drexler named him in charge of propaganda. So then he was the leader of the Nazis party.
And hinderbergs thought that if hitler was chancellor germany would be better.

micaela cardalda
5/16/2010 09:02:23 am

In 1932, when the Nazis where the largest single party, Hitler demanded Hindenburg the post of chancellor, however, Hindenburg was suspicious of Hitler, and refused.After choosen another peolpe to be chancellor, Hindenburg realised that what he needed was support in the reichstag, and the only who could povided him that was Hitler. Finally, although he didn't trusted Hitler, named him chancellor thinking he would easly control Hitler from that post. He was right in only one thing: Hitler wasn't trustable, and definitly not honest

6/25/2010 09:35:44 am

hinderberg was suspicious of Hitler at the very begining and he dindn´t want him to become chancellor. but later on Hinderber grealized that Hitler had a lot of support from the population and that was what he needed to continue being president, support. Finally he led Hitler become chancellor, because he thought that in that position he could control him and restrict him. But he gain power to esily and later on nowbody could stop him.


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