History and Literature Senior II
F: What did you do this weekend?
C: Oh, nothing much. I did chores, cooked, and listened to the radio. How about you?
F: I've done plenty, I went to a couple of parties, got a boyfriend, drank with friends a lot more!
C: Oh. That's a bit strange. D'you have any plans for today?
F: I might get my nails done and I'm running low on cigarrettes so I'm going to buy some more.
C: Cigarrettes? I guess everyone is different but in my opinion, it's impolite to smoke
F: You're getting boring to talk to. I'm going to hang out with my friends. Bye!
6/8/2015 03:21:07 am

i need help using the flapper slang, this sounds like a normal conversation of a girl in the modern world.


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