History and Literature Senior II

Germany, The League of Nations and The USA before and after the crash. (1920-1939)

Sofi's article on Hitler in the 1920s

In recent months, a new force seems to be arising in German politics. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have hit the headlines with their meetings, banners and radicals ideas. What makes this man successful?
He was born in Austria in 1889. At age 16 he left school and went to Vienna to pursue his ambition of becoming a painter, but things went wrong for him .When war broke out in 1914 Hitler joined the Germans´ army and served with distinction, winning the iron cross. He was completely unable to accept the treaty of Versailles. Hitler wanted:

  • The abolition of the treaty of Versailles.
  • The union of Germany and Austria.
  • Only ‘true’ Germans to be allowed to live in Germany. Jews in particular were to be excluded.
  • Large industries and businesses to be nationalized.
  • Generous provision for old age pensioners.
  • A strong central government.

    He was a very intelligent person and an excellent speaker. He joined the Nazis party. He was great talented and he was in charge of propaganda. In 1921 Hitler removed Drexler as leader. Hitler’s energy, commitment and above all his powers as a speaker were soon attracting attention.

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